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GN Rope Fittings is one of the leading manufacturers of (LTM) mooring accessories. As an ABS, BV, DNV-GL and LR approved manufacturer, we can supply a fully certified product. We are producing shackles, H-links, sockets, link plates, etc. in our Netherlands based facility. GN can be of service to design the best solution for your mooring lines.


GN Rope Fittings has a long history in forging small shackles according to DIN, NEN and BS standards. 20 years ago, we started in the heavy lifting industry. All our shackles are made from FORGED alloy steel.

Our standard range of anchor bow and wide body shackles are available from stock, as are large eye hooks and master links, with special dimensions available on request.

Anchor Handling

GN Rope Fittings supplies many products which are used during anchor handling operations. Chain grapnels, J-chasers, swivels, shackles and link adaptors are all stock items.


GN Rope Fittings has long supplied a large number of products to rigging shops. Thimbles, sockets, wire rope clamps, turnbuckles, swivels, tri-plates, shackles etc. are standard products which you will also find in our catalogue (see products).

Our large stock position in these items guarantees a quick delivery.


Anchor or crown pin shackles are specially made for anchor manufacturers, either to their own requirements and specifications or in accordance with recognized standards such as ISO 1704.

These products can be delivered with any classification certificates.


Several products are developed by GN for easy and safe handling during installation.

As well special products such as softsling hooks, transfer hooks and wide body shackles give slings longer life times.

For subsea installation ROV designed products are part of standard product range and available from stock.

Special installation tools can be made on request.


Worldwide there is an increased demand of offshore renewable energy sources. One of the major sources for this moment is of course Wind Energy.

Throughout the past years GN has proven to be a dedicated and reliable partner supplying numerous high quality products for these projects.  For installation and handling of fixed offshore windfarms (monopile foundations) we have designed special products. These are developed in such way that they can be used safely with synthetic slings and grommets. 

Forged sockets

Besides the standard (rigging) sockets we are also able to offer Forged Sockets (LTM / PMS). These sockets can be designed to project requirement. Forged sockets can be either Open as well as Closed sockets. Upon request we are able to supply them with bend stiffeners, zinc anodes etc. Depending on the specific project we can offer them with additional testing as proof load, break load, mechanical testing etc.


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